Here at iris we take great pride in working sensitively alongside some really lovely people, from all walks of life, who are affected by all sorts of fertility issues. We recognise that anyone who requires medical help to conceive has a unique set of circumstances and whilst others may be in a similar position, no two people’s (in)fertility experiences are the same. We work collaboratively with people, not ‘patients’, acknowledging and supporting individuals’ needs – even if it’s a couple who are seeking our support.

In addition to journeying alongside heterosexual couples hoping to conceive a first child with their own gametes, iris supports those who are sometimes overlooked in their pursuit of parenthood:

  1. Those trying for a second child, affected by secondary infertility.
  2. Same-sex couples, including those who also have fertility issues.
  3. Heterosexual couples using donated gametes and embryos.
  4. Single people using donated gametes and embryos.
  5. Individuals who have or have had an illness or have a genetic condition affecting their fertility.
  6. Those considering surrogacy.

But at iris we don’t really like to use these kinds of labels as we believe they detract from the human beings beneath them. The labels sometimes mean that people feel they are a walking ‘diagnosis’ (for those who are ‘lucky’ enough to have a diagnosis) rather than individuals who are having to live, breathe and, possibly, grieve every day for the loss of a natural conception as they try to become parents with medical intervention.

We’re pretty confident that whatever the situation we can meet most people’s practical and emotional support and companionship needs.

Over the next week or so you can read more on here and on the iris fertility Facebook page ( about the reasons Jess and Tom, Gemma and Charlotte, and Emily sought Natasha’s support.