“The Bookarium is a hub for books with a heart and a history, home from home.”

Reading for the Journey

The Bookarium is a rather magical concept involving a seemingly bottomless travelling ‘book case’ of all things ‘fertility’…


  • A hub for books with a heart and a history, home from home
  • A heart-warming hybrid of all the best bits from book groups, book crossing, book swapping, books on prescription and Pay it Forward
  • An opportunity to help others – if you so desire – by joining a free private online community and sharing your book reviews and recommendations

How it works:

  • Buy £25 of postal credits each quarter by cheque, online transfer or PayPal
  • Browse the Bookarium’s contents online or at ‘Space to be Me’ and ‘Grandparent in Waiting’ events
  • Borrow an unlimited number of books during a quarter, up to three items at a time
  • Keep your borrowed items for as long as you wish during the quarter
  • Books are sent out by Royal Mail or Courier and include a return envelope and postage, just seal and return to get more…
  • Any unused postal credits at the end of each quarter will be put into a money box and used towards the support of financially challenged individuals who wish to access iris fertility’s services but would otherwise be unable to do so.

I’d love to hear from you if:

  • You’re interested in joining and browsing the Bookarium


  • You’re looking to rehome your fertility-related books


  • You’re an author, publisher or other organisation looking to ‘house’ one of your fertility-related publications within our welcoming community


  • You want to say ‘Hello’ for other book-related reasons…

Drop me a message through the Contact page to talk all things books.