Fertility investigations and treatment can be emotionally and physically exhausting for men and women. They can quickly become all-encompassing and time-consuming leaving you with little time for yourself, your work, and your relationships with friends and family.

Whether you’re male or female, part of a heterosexual couple, in a same-sex relationship or you’re a single person, your determination to have a child might feel overwhelming and addictive. Perhaps it is taking over every aspect of your life. Maybe you’re drowning in other people’s bumps and new baby announcements. Whatever your personal circumstances surrounding the need for medical assistance to build your family, you’re probably desperately wondering when it will be your turn.

An iris infertility sherpa – a companion, a supporter – is someone who is there for you and who can reduce the emotional and practical load that fertility treatment can place on you.

What can you hand over to an iris sherpa today so that you can reclaim some valuable ‘my’ time from infertility?