I have always been mesmerised by books and find them exceptionally magical. For me they offer an ‘escape’ from the world. The turn of each page presents new possibilities, hope and adventures.

Polysensual. I love a good ‘sniff and scratch’ around a bookshop. And even better is that I rarely get a good phone signal when I’m browsing so that means it’s just me and the books and some really good quality time. Me and them. Them and me.

But when it came to reading about infertility, often the books I actually felt that I wanted and needed to read weren’t in stock in the bookshops and I didn’t particularly want to bumble and stumble my way through ordering them in person. If they were in stock, then, I’m the kind of person who gets quite excited talking about the books I’m buying and there really isn’t a great deal of fertility chat going on over the counter.

Generally what would happen is that I’d walk into a bookshop full of bravado and walk out with, erm, a load of (other great) books that had absolutely nothing to do with the subject in hand…

And when it came to buying online, well, I got a little bit sick of the daily emails with book title recommendations *just for me*. They were a constant reminder that my life was *just* miles away from where I wanted it to be.

As each year went past and another top fertility title was released I became a bookseller’s dream.

I have amassed a rather impressive collection of books on all sorts of fertility-related subjects. This  includes but is no means limited to a rather sad and sorry stack of ‘Repro-Lit’ and some more ‘uplifting’ titles that I never thought I’d acquire but, hey ho, they, too, somehow seem to have found a way into my home and onto my imaginary book shelves.

One of the wonderful things for me about books is that they have the ability to bring people together and transform lives. I love sharing my love of books with others and over the years I have dabbled with book clubs, book swapping, book crossing, books on prescription, books that ’cure’ and, lately, books and buns (yep, choose a book, bake a cake, invite some friends round and abracadabra! More polysensual magic.)

But, let’s get back on track…

I have lots of fertility-related resources and I’m happy to share them. And that’s where the iris Bookarium comes into play.

The Bookarium is a seemingly bottomless travelling ‘book case’ of all things ‘fertility’…


  • A hub for books with a heart and a history, home from home
  • A heart-warming hybrid of all the best bits from book groups, book crossing, book swapping, books on prescription and Pay it Forward
  • An opportunity to help others – if you so desire – by joining a free private online community and sharing your book reviews and recommendations

If you’re looking for a new home for any of your fertility-related books or you want to welcome books you’ve been searching for into your life then I’d love for you to be part of the iris Bookarium.

PS Community ‘chat’ is, of course, optional 😉