Here are a couple of things I love in life:

  • rollercoasters; and
  • the sea.

That’s why you’ll never hear me talking about fertility treatment as a ‘rollercoaster’ or as ‘choppy waters to navigate’. I love these things far too much to associate infertility with them.

What I don’t like are waves. I’m OK with the ones you can ride – they’re great. You know the ones I’m talking about: the waves that you may or may not see coming but suck you in, knock you down, spin you round and spit you out. Those waves that leave you gasping for air and when you finally emerge the world seems somehow different and you are too (probably not helped at all by the fact that the clothing on your lower half now seems to have spent far too much time around your ankles).

And that is what I see and feel when I think of infertility.

What do you associate with infertility?