Gemma and Charlotte are a same-sex couple. They are in their early thirties and forties respectively. They first approached me for some guidance because their GP was struggling to understand how to refer two females to their local fertility clinic. At that stage they were seeking a referral for initial fertility investigations so that they could, like many female couples, use donor sperm in a medical facility to conceive. They were also keen to understand the treatment process involved and ways of optimising their fertility so they borrowed some books.

Unfortunately, initial investigations at the clinic identified fertility issues with both Gemma and Charlotte. Charlotte’s age is also a crucial factor. The clinic was unsure how to advise them to proceed. Additionally, whatever Gemma and Charlotte decided to do, the clinic only used imported sperm from the US and a European sperm bank outside the UK. These issues left Gemma and Charlotte not knowing what to do next or how. If their clinic couldn’t help them then who could?

I was able to signpost Gemma and Charlotte to several clinics which I’m aware have experience working alongside female couples with fertility issues. Those clinics also have access to their own donor sperm because of their in-country donor recruitment programmes.

Gemma and Charlotte’s journey to parenthood continues.