Jess and Tom are a heterosexual couple in their mid to late thirties. They have a five-year-old child conceived easily and naturally. They have been trying to conceive a second child for over three years.

Jess contacted me after their first unsuccessful round of IVF at their local clinic. Jess was understandably disappointed that their cycle hadn’t had a positive outcome but was also frustrated by the way their clinic had treated them. She was emotionally and physically exhausted, felt alone and was looking for someone who had been through IVF themselves to guide them through what to do next and to handle the logistical side of things. In effect, Jess and Tom were looking for a Fertility PA: someone to research fertility clinics, specialists and other practitioners on their behalf, clinics that were not only highly successful but also treated their patients as human beings. They wanted someone who could collate their notes, devise questions relating to their personal situation, arrange appointments and carry out all communication with clinics and other health practitioners on their behalf. Additionally, they were after weekly phone calls for emotional support and regular messaging to keep them in the loop. This is exactly what they receive. We are in contact on an almost daily basis about all aspects of their investigations and treatment.

Having identified a leading specialist and clinic which has carried out further in-depth tests, Jess and Tom feel like they have some explanations about their failure to conceive and maintain a pregnancy.

Jess and Tom are now about to embark on their next IVF cycle.