peopleThe idea for iris grew inadvertently and organically from my own experiences of fertility investigations and treatment…

Infertility took over my life. The cycle of hope, loss and despair felt never ending. I became an expert in my own body and amassed a wealth of infertility-related friends, resources and information. I also found myself being the ‘go to’ person for others who needed support. During the time when we were locked into fertility investigations and treatment I often wished that someone could do it all for me. Not the treatment itself as such but all the peripheral ‘other stuff’. All the many seemingly ‘little’ tasks that ate into every area of my life and all those precious times when I could have been doing something nice for me but instead was glued to the computer or had my head in a book or was on the phone to a clinic trying to find answers and to sort out logistics.

And then there were all those other times when there was nothing left to do other than to sit down and cry. And scream. And shout. Those were the times when I needed someone who just ‘got’ it. Someone who had experienced fertility treatment but who was no longer caught up in it. Someone who didn’t need me to explain.

I wanted someone to help me with the practicalities and someone to soften my pain. But that person was not there.

And that, really, is how iris was born. By identifying something that I desperately needed and wanted but wasn’t available in one person.

When I’d come up for air long enough to take some breaths and talk to many other men and women I discovered that I wasn’t alone and that’s what they wanted too: one to one practical and emotional support tailored specifically to their needs. Someone to take the load before, during and after treatment, whatever its outcome. An ‘infertility sherpa’.

Now I feel fortunate that I’m in a position to offer that much needed and longed-for service.

What would you like an iris infertility sherpa to do for you?