“Natasha supported me through every step of my last frozen cycle but in particular during my two week wait and the devastation of my BFN. Her friendly texts asking how I was during these times and to know that she was at the end of the phone if need be was a great comfort. Thank you.” SM


Lighten the Load

I understand that fertility investigations and assisted conception treatment can be emotionally and physically exhausting for men and women – whether you’re part of a heterosexual couple, in a same-sex relationship or you’re a single person.

Iris Fertility is the first organisation to offer a bespoke ‘sherpa’ service tailored to your individual needs, which will significantly reduce the practical and emotional burden commonly associated with building a family this way.

Using an experienced infertility sherpa such as myself before, during and after treatment means that you will have the time and energy to focus on you and the aspects of your life that you enjoy.

Who or What am I?

Advocate, sherpa, mentor, supporter, coach, personal assistant, buddy, champion, cheerleader, voice, shoulder to cry on, listening ear, companion, guide, researcher, ally, confidant, PA, righthand person, mouthpiece, pathfinder…

Call me what you like because I can be whatever you want or need me to be before, during and after your fertility investigations and treatment. Here’s a snippet of some of the ways I can offer you practical and emotional support…


  • Practical Support

  • Helping you choose a clinic based on your circumstances
  • Liaising with clinics on your behalf – phone calls, emails, letters
  • Identifying and arranging appointments with complementary health practitioners and other healthcare professionals
  • Signposting to other organisations and professionals
  • Attending consultations and appointments with you
  • Research
  • Travelling for treatment abroad
  • Communicating with your employer
  • Raising complaints and concerns
  • Facilitating animal-care, childcare and other logistical matters
  • Driving you to and from egg collection and other medical procedures or investigations
  • Shopping for cards and gifts to mark other people’s baby-related ‘occasions’
  • Talking on your behalf to friends and family
  • Access to resources such as books through the Bookarium.

  • Emotional Support

  • Daytime, evening and weekend in-person support when and where you actually need it – at home, in a café, at the clinic, walking the dog, in the car, at the beach, etc.
  • Online, telephone and text contact when you need it.

To request a friendly chat to talk about your needs please drop me a message using the confidential form on the Contact page.

How Much?

I am happy to be able to offer you a transparent pricing policy with packages to suit every budget. For further details, please visit the Fees page.