Grandparent in Waiting

If you’re the parent or ‘in law’ of a child who is experiencing fertility problems or who requires medical intervention to create your grandchild, then you may have found yourself not quite knowing what to say or how to help. You may even be feeling lonely and isolated as you watch your friends and other family members experience the joy of becoming grandparents.

I recognise that ‘grandparents in waiting’ not only have their own emotional and practical needs surrounding their children’s fertility issues but also have an important role to play in supporting their children to become parents. What you say, how you say it and what you do can have a huge impact.

That’s why I’ve designed resources and regular meet-ups specifically for you to give you the opportunity to:

  • meet other ‘grandparents in waiting’ and share your experiences
  • find out what to say and, importantly, what not to say to your child
  • learn more about the types of fertility investigations and treatments your child might be having and how this could be affecting them

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