“Natasha has been incredibly supportive and involved in our journey so far. She is very knowledgeable, has access to a large range of literature, is a fantastic sounding board and understands how tough, long and emotionally-draining this journey can be. She is strongly connected within the infertility world and is an invaluable resource to anybody who wants or needs somebody wonderful in their lives; who will help and support them in every way, during such a difficult time.”


I run a series of meet-ups for anyone whose lives are affected by the need to use medical assistance to conceive.

Space to be Me

Space to be Me: For anyone trying to conceive with medical intervention who needs some ‘me’ time.

Trying to conceive with medical assistance can be a painful time, particularly if everyone around you seems to have a bump or a newborn. At times it might feel like there’s no escape from the fertile world and even complete strangers seem to think it’s OK to ask you when you’ll be having a baby or confidently tell you that it’ll be your turn next.

If you’re looking for a place that’s free from all of that then ‘Space to be Me’ could be for you. It is exactly what it says it is:

A place for you to go to, to relax, to be you (even if you feel a million miles away from the real you at the moment). It’s a place to have a cuppa, to be with others in a similar position to you and to not have to talk about anything baby-related.

This is an infertility support group with a difference. You don’t have to talk. You don’t have to talk about babies. You don’t even have to talk about infertility. It’s a place for you to just be.

Grandparent in Waiting

Grandparent in Waiting: For would-be grandparents whose children or in-laws are building their family with medical help.

If you’re the parent or ‘in law’ of a child who is experiencing fertility problems or who requires medical intervention to create your grandchild, then you may have found yourself not quite knowing what to say or how to help. You may even be feeling lonely and isolated as you watch your friends and other family members experience the joy of becoming grandparents.

I recognise that ‘grandparents in waiting’ not only have their own emotional and practical needs surrounding their children’s fertility issues but also have an important role to play in supporting their children to become parents. What you say, how you say it and what you do can have a huge impact.

That’s why I’ve designed resources and regular meet-ups specifically for you to give you the opportunity to:

  • meet other ‘grandparents in waiting’ and share your experiences
  • find out what to say and, importantly, what not to say to your child
  • learn more about the types of fertility investigations and treatments your child might be having and how this could be affecting them

To request a meet-up near you please visit the Contact page and complete the confidential form.

How Much?

I am happy to be able to offer you a transparent pricing policy with packages to suit every budget. For further details, please visit the Fees page.