The magic of books and the iris Bookarium

I have always been mesmerised by books and find them exceptionally magical. For me they offer an ‘escape’ from the world. The turn of each page presents new possibilities, hope and adventures.

Polysensual. I love a good ‘sniff and scratch’ around a bookshop. And even better is that I rarely get a good phone signal […]

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What’s in a name?

I am delighted to be able to share with you the Seven Wonders of ‘iris’…

1. iris: independent | resources | information | support

2. iris: a strong flower symbolising idea and message, representing growth and new life

3. iris: a shutter used in photography affecting the focal point – iris infertility sherpas will always keep their focus […]

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Life’s loves, language and infertility

Here are a couple of things I love in life:

  • rollercoasters; and
  • the sea.

That’s why you’ll never hear me talking about fertility treatment as a ‘rollercoaster’ or as ‘choppy waters to navigate’. I love these things far too much to associate infertility […]

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Reclaiming ‘my’ time from infertility

Fertility investigations and treatment can be emotionally and physically exhausting for men and women. They can quickly become all-encompassing and time-consuming leaving you with little time for yourself, your work, and your relationships with friends and family.

Whether you’re […]

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Iris is born

peopleThe idea for iris grew inadvertently and organically from my own experiences of fertility investigations and treatment…

Infertility took over my life. The cycle of hope, loss and despair felt never ending. I became an expert in my own body and amassed a wealth of […]

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What is an iris infertility sherpa?

mountain_illustrationAn iris infertility sherpa is your very own companion and supporter who can lessen the emotional and practical burden of assisted reproduction. Someone who has experienced fertility investigations and treatments themselves and who gets where you’re coming from. Someone who is there for […]

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