“Natasha has shown genuine interest and sensitivity in my IVF journey. Having had IVF herself, it was refreshing to be able to speak to someone who really does understand the highs and lows of this rocky and highly emotional journey.” Sarah

“You have been a tower of strength to me over the past year, giving me support where no one else can. I value your honesty and appreciate all that you do.

No one knows what’s it’s like to go through the absolute torture and turmoil that infertility puts you through unless they’ve been there themselves.

Infertility is NOT a choice but an unfortunate place many of us find ourselves in. Those of us who have been through it will realise how incredibly lonely this place is to be.

You have taken away that loneliness for me and helped me through the darkest of times recently.

To you my friend I thank you.” JR

A Warm Hello

My name’s Natasha Canfer. Based in West Yorkshire (UK), I am a landlocked lover of all things coastal. Of course, by ‘all’, I mean nearly ‘all’. I don’t like the waves that suck you in, spin you round and spit you out. And those crashing waves of hope, loss and despair commonly associated with fertility investigations and assisted reproduction treatment became the dominant feature of my life when my partner and I were trying to create our family.

Over several years and 11 rounds of fertility treatment we experienced:

  • extensive male and female investigations and surgeries
  • cycles of IVF + ICSI
  • frozen embryo transfers
  • stimulated and unstimulated IUIs
  • treatment with and without the help of a known and unknown donor
  • pregnancy losses
  • the pregnancy and birth of our first son
  • subsequent failed cycles of IVF + ICSI, this time with fertility treatment ‘add ons’
  • a pregnancy involving multiples with first trimester complications
  • the arrival of boy/girl twins on the day of the UK’s Junior Doctors strike
  • (and perhaps unsurprisingly after all of that) some complex emotional health issues!

During the time when we were locked into fertility treatment, I wanted practical and emotional support tailored specifically to my needs offered by one person who had personal experience of infertility. I wanted and needed someone to take the load before, during and after treatment, whatever its outcome: an ‘infertility sherpa’.

Now I feel fortunate that I’m in a position to offer that much needed and longed-for service to anyone experiencing fertility issues.

Qualifications & Memberships

  • Non-practising solicitor specialising in child and family law with experience in medical law and ethics, and clinical negligence
  • Legal writer and editor specialising in child and family law
  • Former Trustee, National Gamete Donation Trust
  • Former Communications Manager, National Gamete Donation Trust
  • Co-coordinator of a Yorkshire-based support group for Donor Conception Network
  • Coordinator of a worldwide intra-familial donation support group under the umbrella of Donor Conception Network
  • Former Librarian for Donor Conception Network
  • Infertility Network UK Member
  • Women’s Voices registered panel member, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG).